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“As the cornerstone of the South Carolina economy, the fast-paced world of manufacturing, product design, and logistics impacts nearly every aspect of the state’s business.

Staying current and understanding the role of South Carolina manufacturers in the local, national and global economy is key to continuing the success and staying power of the market segment.

Retaining and growing new businesses in the state requires a commitment to quality, a reduction in waste, increased recycling, a minimal use of resources, an improving supply chain and an ability to attract and keep skilled workers.

When these efforts are supported by focused innovation, a powerful force is created.

With the appropriate communication venues to connect, educate and provide insight into South Carolina’s manufacturing operations, SCMFG is a required resource for the state’s leaders and a valued carrier of industry news.

Through contributed online content and a distribution of original features and breaking news, SCMFG offers relative information concerning the supply chain, customer service, environmental issues, technology application, advancements, and innovation quality maintenance and workforce development to readers across the Palmetto State.

In keeping up with the latest in manufacturing’s ever-changing industry, SCMFG connects you with industry leaders, emerging companies, and experts in the field by providing information and best practices from the sector’s top leaders. This includes company highlights, the applicability of advances in technology and processes, local and regional resources and the effect of globalization on South Carolina’s manufacturing market using real-world experts and examples.

SCMFG’s advisory board is comprised of industry leaders that offer guidance and direction to make sure SCMFG is current and routinely collaborates with other organizations to provide the best source for Communications, Connections and Education for the South Carolina manufacturing industry”.