Are Your Continuous Improvement Processes Working?

Thank goodness 2020 is over!  What a crazy year.  COVID-19 dominated the economy and impacted how businesses had to operate to keep everyone healthy and safe.  There was racial unrest, and it was a Presidential election year, both of which dominated the news cycles along with COVID-19. …

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Preparing for the New Year

In just a few days, we will enter the New Year. Indeed, I venture to say that many people think 2020 can’t end fast enough. As much as we would like to put the old year behind us, are you ready for 2021? As a part of…

Video Surveillance Manufacturing Plants


An Interesting thread to pull; The South Carolina R&D Tax Credit

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, “South Carolina is a branch manufacturing state.” They tell us there’s not enough headquartering here, not enough research and development, but what if I told you the Palmetto State has a solution, in theory. South Carolina’s Research and Development…