Don’t Regulate; Innovate!

Industry pros say regulations are hurting creativity. What if legislators placed heavy design restrictions on the automotive or aerospace industries? What if engineers at Tesla or Boeing saw their research capabilities reduced to a small palette of less-creative, material options? Electric vehicles and fuel-efficient airliners outfitted with…

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Need Rockets? Attention Manufacturers in Aviation, Defense and Space Industries

We make Rockets (turbine, propulsion, warheads, actuation and other components designed to go fast, really fast… or go BOOM!) Whether its .010” to 12” in diameter, whether its titanium, inconel, monel, tungsten or hastelloy x, bring it on! Let Acclaim Aerospace bring your commercial, space or defense application to market by leveraging 15-plus years of […]

A Question of Ethics

The recent reports about production short cuts, blind-eye approvals, optional safety devices, and corporate management failures have been painful to read. I can’t comment on the truthfulness of the statements made about Boeing and their senior managers as I certainly don’t know all the facts. I spent…

Video Surveillance Manufacturing Plants


An Interesting thread to pull; The South Carolina R&D Tax Credit

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, “South Carolina is a branch manufacturing state.” They tell us there’s not enough headquartering here, not enough research and development, but what if I told you the Palmetto State has a solution, in theory. South Carolina’s Research and Development…