Editorial Services

South Carolina Manufacturing wants to help you grow your business through published content such as thought leadership, client testimonials, case studies, company profiles, how-to-videos, production-videos and much more to help support your marketing and sales teams find and retain business.

At SCMFG, we utilize our digital magazine and weekly e-newsletter to publish advertisements, content in the form of articles/editorials and even high-definition videos that better show your company in action.

Utilize SCMFG today to highlight what your company can do to help your clients cut cost, mitigate risk, and of course, increase profits.

SCMFG’s digital newsletter has over 13k subscribers spanning the manufacturing industry across the world.

Our newsletters are “Opened” in every U.S. state and in foreign countries such as Canada, Germany and France.

Our digital magazine is our 24hr storefront that receives thousands of visitors and page views per month from folks all over the world in the manufacturing industry.

Our prices for contributing your content in SCMFG’s digital magazine and e-newsletter.
$75.00 (Lead location in e-newsletter and digital magazine)
$50.00 (Non-lead Location in e-newsletter and digital magazine)
$25.00 (Link Insertion into any relevant article on South Carolina Manufacturing)