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Join SCMFG At Michelin

Are you a domestic/private-owned company and in the lower middle market? Plan to expand or need an exit strategy? If so, DO NOT MISS THIS FREE EVENT! Limited Seating Register Now! Join SCMFG at Michelin on Thursday, September 19th where a panel of experts will discuss “Capital Strategies…

Is A College Education the Only Way?

For as long as I can remember, my father and mother emphasized the importance of a college education. When I  was considering what I would do after high school, there was no question that I would start a college career. Since I always wanted to be an…

SCMFG: About Us

South Carolina Manufacturing (SCMFG) is a networking organization with one mission, connect manufacturers and their business service providers from across the world as they intersect the Palmetto State.  SCMFG is a network of decision-makers spanning across the manufacturing industry of South Carolina, the region, the nation and around the globe.  Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, business service […]

Tariffs and Unions; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

How do labor unions and tariffs impact our economy and manufacturing in the US? I’ve heard statements that tariffs are generally assumed to favor corporations where labor unions favor the worker. Both of these ideas usually lead to politically charged discussions where the opinion on the effectiveness of each usually tends to follow political party […]

Avenger Aerospace Solutions Perfects its Endgame with Smart Glasses

Good ideas are the impetus of innovation, especially in aviation. However, if they’re not properly evaluated, developed, planned, integrated, tested, and certified by the proper subject-matter experts, they may remain just good ideas – or even result in disaster. At Avenger Aerospace Solutions, they do not need…

Where’s my workforce? A manufacturing firm’s reliance on knowledgeable staffing

Ever wonder what’s luring manufacturing firms from all over the world to a place like South Carolina? Ever wonder why BMW, Boeing, Volvo or their slew of suppliers ever set foot on our sandy soil?  If you’re thinking tax incentives, quality of life, airport access or a prominent place along the interstate, you’re close, but […]

Opportunity knocks; difference maker in dryer vent technology shopping for SC manufacturer

Attention South Carolina manufacturers looking to expand operations, grow local jobs and tap into the state’s illustrious tax incentives while building an innovative and patented technology. With over 4000 units already sold, “Prevent”, a uniquely designed product attaching to dryer exhaust vents, has proven to not only stop home fires due to a variety of […]

A Question of Ethics

The recent reports about production short cuts, blind-eye approvals, optional safety devices, and corporate management failures have been painful to read. I can’t comment on the truthfulness of the statements made about Boeing and their senior managers as I certainly don’t know all the facts. I spent…

Under Siege; State Manufacturers Dig-in against Daily Cyber Attacks

To keep up with the pace of production and satisfy customer demand, today’s manufacturers have gone digital. Although Industry 4.0 and the increasing use of automation and robotics on the manufacturing floor space have plugged them in, the daily barrage of cyber-attacks on their supply lines have them on their heels. “Cyber-attacks have become a […]

High Paying Jobs in Manufacturing – Fact or Fiction?

One can’t attend an economic development forum, technical college recruitment, or any chamber of commerce meeting without hearing the mention of high paying jobs in South Carolina. In addition, employers (large and small) continue to scream for skilled workers. I’ve heard comments like, “Attend a trade school;…