Michelin to Suspend Operations in Anderson County Facility

Beginning at the end of this year, Michelin will suspend operations at their earthmover plant in Starr, SC, the company announced Wednesday.

Although the decision will impact 100 local employees, Anderson County Administrator, Rusty Burns, does not foresee any negative economic backlash.

All of the employees will be offered positions at nearby Michelin facilities, and “we hope the mining and associated industries improve quickly,” he said. “We see this as a temporary aberration.”

Michelin spokesperson, Eric Bruner, said the plant and its equipment will be maintained so that operations can restart in a timely manner when market conditions improve and customer demand increases.

“In the meantime, we can produce the number of tires needed for our customers with existing capacity from other earthmover facilities, including the plant nearby in Lexington,” he said.

Michelin, South Carolina’s largest manufacturing employer, announced the $750 million investment in April 2012 to construct the 800,000 square foot facility and expand its existing Earthmover manufacturing plant in Lexington, S.C.

The plant produces Earthmover tires, which can stand up to 13 feet tall and weigh up to 5.5 tons, for more than 1,300 mining operations around the world.

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