Through upgrades and innovative services, Berrang Inc. strengthens ties with Upstate’s largest automotive manufacturer

Berrang Inc., a distributor of fasteners and parts for assembly, has added a variety of services to its Greenville facility that will not only differentiate the company from its fellow suppliers, but will also ensure the vast automotive supply chain behind BMW remains a smooth running machine.

The upgrades include a Friction Check Stand, fully accredited independent TS16949 certification, and technical cleaning capabilities as well as cleanliness testing per ISO 16232.

The automotive industry is about being on time with quality products and these improvements highlight Berrang as “more than a distributor”,   said Thomas Koehler, Berrang’s General Manager.

“Some of our fasteners cost less than a dime, but they can shut down a production line if not available or if they are not to specification,” he said. “Line shut downs can be very expensive, and BMW produces cars that are already ordered by the consumer and any delay in delivering those cars can create unfulfilled expectations and a diminished brand value.”

The Friction Check Stand will allow Berrang employees to oversee every lot for coefficient of friction during an incoming inspection, while ensuring the fasteners achieve the requirement for automotive customers and the torque applied during assembly is achieved to guarantee parts are fastened properly.

Depending on the customer’s application, the Friction Check Stand will also allow Berrang to assist customers in finding the right torque during R&D.

The TS16949 certification is a quality system that demands documentation throughout the production process while also making sure the customer’s products meet or exceed the expectations of the end user.

The company’s washing service also includes the cleaning of special parts in custom fixtures and lab equipment to analyze the cleanliness of the parts while working in accordance with the customer’s standards.

With automotive needs for cleanliness increasing, tighter tolerances, lighter vehicles, smaller engines and transmissions, Berrang’s Washing Machine can accommodate bulk cleaning and a large variety of parts including tubes, sheet metal, and fasteners.

Koehler said the facility’s upgrades are also vital to the region’s automotive ecosystem.

“Supply chain management is a major foundation of a robust automotive network,” he said.”  Because BMW has increased its production output in recent years, it is crucial to have a smooth supply network in the background.

As a premium manufacturer, strategic supply-chain partnerships have a significant influence on BMW, said Franz Linner, Vice President, Supplier Network, Americas for BMW Group.

“To ensure our continued success, we must support the highest level of innovation, flexibility and quality in our products and processes both internally and throughout our global supply chain,” he said.

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