SC Firms Visit Meyer Tool in Greenville for manufacturing-related tax advice

Having a better tax strategy can be the difference maker for South Carolina manufacturers looking to increase their existing cash flow and replenish costs from the previous year. And if that weren’t enough, a capable firm, one suited to the needs of manufacturers, can help a company navigate the complex waters of the valuable R&D […]

An Interesting thread to pull; The South Carolina R&D Tax Credit

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, “South Carolina is a branch manufacturing state.” They tell us there’s not enough headquartering here, not enough research and development, but what if I told you the Palmetto State has a solution, in theory. South Carolina’s Research and Development…

Workforce Wants and Woes; Recruiting Firm Talks Manufacturing Labor Concerns

Recently, South Carolina Manufacturing (SCMFG) sat down with Gary Tompkins, the CEO of The Kidder Group in Greenville, to discuss workforce concerns in South Carolina. As companies grow or look to expand their footprint in state or out, it is critical these manufacturers have access to quality labor. Many…

Is there an echo in the room? Another South Carolina Company hinges success on Workforce

Recently, South Carolina Manufacturing (SCMFG) sat down with Preston Patnoude, the Managing Director of Edgewater Automation in Spartanburg, to discuss the state’s business climate, wants and needs. (SCMFG) What in-state organizations, fellow manufactures and business service providers did Edgewater Automation utilize to achieve its current market standing? (Preston…

Where’s my workforce? A manufacturing firm’s reliance on knowledgeable staffing

Ever wonder what’s luring manufacturing firms from all over the world to a place like South Carolina? Ever wonder why BMW, Boeing, Volvo or their slew of suppliers ever set foot on our sandy soil?  If you’re thinking tax incentives, quality of life, airport access or a prominent place along the interstate, you’re close, but […]