Chemical company saves money and the environment through sustainable alternatives

SCMEP-635x325SCMEP Case Study: NICCA USA reduces expenditure on energy and decreases environmental impact with help from SCMEP

Company Overview

Nicca Chemical Industry Co., founded in 1941, is a supplier of water-based chemicals to the automotive and textile industries. NICCA USA, Inc., which opened its doors in 1988 in Fountain Inn, SC, is a subsidiary of the Japanese specialty chemical manufacturer. The core businesses in the US include: textile chemicals, flame retardant back coatings, nonwoven chemicals, and paper chemicals. With 40 employees, NICCA USA’s quality is recognized as the best in the industry.


Through SCMEP, individuals from NICCA USA attended a seminar pertaining to energy savings and efficiency. During the seminar, they were introduced to a lighting company who specializes in the installation of high efficiency LED lighting. Although it appears innocuous, energy used by lighting causes air pollution. Each day, the power plant commonly burns coal, oil, or gas to generate electricity for lighting systems as well as various electrical needs. While burning these fossil fuels produces a readily available and instantaneous supply of electricity, it also generates air pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. Each of these pollutants causes environmental damage. NICCA wanted to find a way to decrease environmental impact and air pollution as well as reduce energy expenditures.


NICCA realized they could reduce expenditure on energy by replacing old inefficient lighting systems with modern energy-efficient systems. With this in mind, NICCA turned to SCMEP to manage the project.  SCMEP began working on the implementation of the lighting replacement program. Services consisted of replacing 100 4-F34T12 at 164w with 100 LED Retro fit fixtures at 47w. By doing so, not only would NICCA have a decrease in environmental impact, but also reduce annual energy expenditures and make a positive environmental impact. SCMEP also assisted throughout the rebate process.


To date, NICCA USA has replaced roughly 300 fixtures to high efficiency LED units. They have decreased yearly expenditures to run and maintain over 700 outdated T12 lighting units and have seen annual savings of $5,000. Maintenance from the continuous replacement of bulbs and ballasts has saved approximately 100 man hours per year. When the entire project is complete in 2017, annual savings are estimated at $24,000. In addition, NICCA retained $19M in annual sales.


“We have utilized the expertise and cost savings associated with SCMEP on several projects, including in-house training and various upgraded systems. I recommend any manufacturing facility to utilize what SCMEP has to offer. To not explore the options offered by SCMEP limits your opportunities to remain competitive; as we are all looking for effective ways to reduce costs and provide training to our employees.”

Dean Webb, NICCA USA Vice President and COO

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