Connecting the dots of opportunity

The following article is about how I “Connect The Dots” in a changing world.  During my career, I have developed an innate sense to help people with any issue they have by providing solutions. Sometimes that solution is just introducing people to other people that can help. I am able to help people because of my phenomenal networking skills.

I love helping people and enjoy learning new things every day. That is why I’m fond of being around artists and other creative people. One thing I have learned from talking to people in all types of occupations is that it is important to be innovative and engaging. These are vital keys to entrepreneurial success with sustainability.

You will often hear a person was lucky and became successful. Of course, you cannot be lucky all the time, but you can increase the odds in your favor. As an entrepreneur or a business owner you can work to increase your chances of being lucky. No, it is not about reading a book on gambling or watching a movie on the subject. It’s about people:  The more people you meet in life, the more you will increase your chances of meeting that person that may change your destiny.

In 2006, I was exposed to social media through LinkedIn and while attending conferences as a speaker. I soon gained many new skills and in turn, began helping colleagues with their social media development. I learned something new and used that knowledge to help other people.  Life doesn’t get better than that.

I never turn down projects, even though they may be outside my background or current range of skill-sets. When someone calls me for help, I use my list of contacts and try to point that person in the right direction. This is the start of my Connecting The Dots. I give them names and contacts and I follow up. And I make sure my contacts are current and up-to-date.

I am constantly learning new areas to adapt and help people. For example, one company contacted me about importing and exporting raw materials in and out of Savannah. This particular commodity was new to me. My contacts educated me quickly and I was able to help this company develop a new business here in Savannah. This business is now in an early start-up mode. I simply “Connected The Dots.”

In a typical day at work I may get calls for help in other states. On Friday, a friend in Texas called me and said, “Bill, it’s 3:30 pm and I need to get a quote within the next hour for my customer from a company based in Memphis. Can you help me?”  My response?  “Of course, no problem!” I then connected her with the right company and person. This became a successful connection.

It is crucial that you never hold back promoting yourself or your business. Remember “You Are A Brand.”  I return all my phone calls and emails and I always follow up.  Treat everyone you meet with great respect and professionalism. Be nice and helpful to anyone because you never know who they know in their field of contacts.

I enjoy travel, networking, and attending trade shows. I speak with people in the business and I am always listening and asking questions. My goal is to meet 10 new people outside my normal sphere of influence every year. This makes me think outside the box and be able to connect other dots.  You don’t want to get stuck in or comfortable with the status-quo.

We all have dreams. But to make your dreams a reality, it takes hard work, dedication and tremendous drive and luck. Life will derail you at times but you must stay the course to achieve your objectives. Work every day on your goals to make your dreams a reality. Don’t give up; there will be rough days but they will pass. It is important that you believe in yourself.

It is necessary to steer clear of people that may not support your efforts or that hold you back. Align and attract yourself with people to your business who are hungry for success.

Every one of us has the keys to be successful, and you can do it. Don’t let negative criticism hold you back. Instead, keep in mind that you are in control of your reality. Invest in yourself. Be kind and supportive of others.  You have the ability to make a better world for yourself as well for others.

BSAbout the Author:

Bill Stankiewicz lives in Savannah, Georgia and currently serves as President of Savannah Supply Chain, Inc. Bill teaches at Savannah Technical College the Pilot Escort Program for OS & OOG Freight & Fork Lift Safety Program’s. He has decades of experience in the distribution and logistics industry and has served in management positions with some of the top names in the logistics field. Bill is a frequent contributor to prominent business and industry publications, and has been a featured speaker at logistics events and conferences throughout the country. A graduate of DePaul University business school, Bill is a lifelong learner

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