Don Snizaski, CEO and Founder of Life and Safety Consultants Inc

A native of Western Pennsylvania and graduate of Valley High School near Pittsburgh, Don Snizaski, CEO and founder of Life and Safety Consultants Inc., transformed his understanding of people and safety compliance into an enduring staple of the South Carolina business community.


Don Snizaski, CEO and founder of Life and Safety Consultants Inc.

A graduate of the College of Charleston, Snizaski began his career with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 1993 and investigated nearly 250 companies and their safety needs over four years there.

In 1997, the safety specialist decided to create his own business and founded Life and Safety Consultants in Greenville, S.C.

“We are an environmental health and safety firm managing clients not only in the Southeast, but internationally,” he said.

In a recent interview with South Carolina Manufacturing, Snizaski took time to answer a few more questions about his life and business.

What past experiences steered you into entrepreneurship?

I saw a need early in my career with companies struggling to comply with government regulations. People are the most important asset in today’s work environment, and because companies wanted to protect their people and I understood OSHA standards, I was inspired to go on my own.

Who or what shaped your leadership skills?

Woody Gladden, my supervisor at OSHA. He was a good man and mentor to train me.

What is your company’s greatest asset to the marketplace?

Our people. It is crucial to have a dynamic group of people that not only understand regulations but the human emotions, the team building, the bonding, and the understanding of the clients’ needs.

 What is the future of your business?

We want to continue to work with clients both large and small to help them protect their most prized aspect, which is their people.

Does South Carolina’s manufacturing prowess make it ideal to headquarter here?

Absolutely, the State of South Carolina is a giant in manufacturing and a great place to raise a family.

As a CEO, what is your greatest strength?

I understand people and I understand how to get the most out of them because I push myself the same way.

When you are not at work, where do you go to relax?

The mountains. I enjoy hiking at Caesar’s Head and Table Rock.

Life and Safety highlights:

  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring for NYC Tunnel Project
  • Mentored the first Eaton Electrical site with achieving VPP certification
  • Mentored the first Tyco Valves and Controls site with achieving VPP certification, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 registrations
  • Mentored the first and second Thomas and Betts sites with achieving SHARPS certification. Currently working on VPP certification
  • Staffed EHS Professionals to oversee contractors for major international construction company for the Canada pipeline build
  • Created online learning management system for ZF Transmission in multiple languages
  • Performed Arc Flash studies for Xylem Pumps nationwide (over 40 locations)

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