Executive Peer Council Provides Unique Opportunities for Collaboration and Problem-Solving

South Carolina business professionals now have an opportunity to meet and deliberate with like-minded personnel through The South Carolina Executive Peer Council, facilitated by SCMEP.

The peer council group provides manufacturing business owners and key decision makers with similar perspectives and experiences an opportunity to discuss challenges faced in the workplace.

The group consists of executives and leaders who can be a sounding board for concerns and recommend critical insight or deliver advice in an effort to develop solid business relationships that result both in bottom line benefits and the professional growth of its members.

Scott King, VP of Manufacturing Facilitation at SCMEP said, “A small manufacturer looking to supply parts to large automotive companies but is not sure how to navigate the bid process could, through discussion and advice from the council, be able to secure a meeting and supply an appropriate bid.”

The SCEPC provides a confidential arena to share ideas and problem-solve by learning from one another. The goals are to help business leaders establish interaction regarding best business practices in non-competing organizations. When operations are running smoothly, productivity improves.

King goes on to say that one successful project for the peer council occurred when a company was able to be matched with a consultant who then provided guidance on inventory turns and levels.

The meetings occur monthly, typically last a half-day and are always face to face. Members are allowed to suggest topics prior to the meeting and everyone may contribute to the best of his ability by providing thoughts and guidance.

The overarching goal of SCEPC is to enrich its members and sharpen the tools with which they operate. It is a commitment made by men and women who wish to lend support through a unique advisory board.

To learn more about the SC Executive Peer Council, please contact Scott King at (803) 667-5351 or by email at sking@scmep.org or visit the SCMEP webpage at www.scmep.org.

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