Amid COVID-19 Scare; Jantize America helps Manufacturers Safely Return to Work

Jantize America offers misting and fogging disinfectant systems to combat COVID-19 and many other viruses and bacteria. These systems cover 10-times more surface area than traditional cleaning, disinfecting spray and wipe methods.

The process does not replace traditional cleaning practices but serves as an additional disinfecting method. It is becoming the standard in surgical rooms and food processing plants.

Jantize America’s disinfectant can kill the COVID-19 virus after resting on surfaces for no less than 10 minutes. These areas require 20 to 30 minutes of ventilation before human occupation can resume.


  • Covers 10-times more surface area than traditional spray and wipe methods
  • Covers areas not easily cleaned by traditional methods such as walls, floors and hard to reach surfaces
  • Will kill airborne viruses that are present at the time of misting and fogging


  • May leave a lite residue on surfaces
  • Disinfectant odor
  • Added moister to the air leaving exposed paper products at risk of dampening

Other things you can do:

  • Institute a “Clear Desk Policy”, give your cleaning staff as much surface area as possible to clean and disinfect during normal cleaning
  • Wash your hands, do not shake hands, you can see a list of other items on the Centers for Disease Control website

Questions and Answers

How often should I get  Misting and Fogging done?

Misting and Fogging is an additional disinfecting step at the end of your normal cleaning process.  Misting and Fogging covers 10-times more area than traditional cleaning methods. It also kills airborne bacteria and viruses. The sterile environment will only last until the first infected person walks into the area. The answer to the question really depends on how often you feel your work environment needs to be sanitized at this level.

Who should I call if there is a concern of exposure or a positive case of COVID-19 in our facility to get this Misting and Fogging completed?

Jantize Upstate office 864-631-1888, you can also reach out to Eddie at 864-382-0009 or Guy at 864-382-0353.

What is the amount of time the disinfectant should stay on a surface to kill COVID-19?

The CDC recommends all chemical mixtures that can kill COVID-19 virus remain on surfaces for at least 10 minutes.

Why is Misting and Fogging better then the current spray and wipe methods of cleaning?

  1. Misting and Fogging gets the disinfectant onto 10-times the amount of surface areas than traditional spray and wipe methods.
  2. The Misting and Fogging chemical should be allowed to dry on its own. 

Will the Misting and Fogging damage key boards, computer screens, copiers and phones?

There is always a possibility but if  the Misting and Fogging process is done correctly, the risk will be limited.

How soon after Misting and Fogging can we use the work spaces?

At least 30 minutes to allow the fog to settle and dry.

Can Misting and Fogging be done on industrial equipment like forklifts and boom trucks?


Is there an odor?

Yes, each chemical compound has a slight odor. 

To learn more and request this service, please contact:

Guy E. Luksic (CEO & Owner) www.Jantize Upstate .com

  155E Brozzini Court

  Greenville, SC. 29615

  Phone   864-382-0353

  Fax       864-551-2559

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