Letter from the Editor: The numbers don’t lie, South Carolina Manufacturing has grown by 300 percent in first quarter 2016

Some of the state’s most noted manufacturing professionals asked for it, so we were happy to accommodate them. As Editor-in-Chief of South Carolina Manufacturing (SCMFG), I am happy to report the explosive growth of this publication to our readers across the region and to those here at home in South Carolina.

Since Jan. 1, SCMFG has experienced a massive 300 percent increase in page views. Currently, we are seeing visitors to southcarolinamfg.com stick around to view nearly six pages. (The industry standard is just under four). In addition, our bounce rate has remained under an extremely low 10 percent.

And because we do no advertising or SEO work, our amazing growth is 100 percent organic. Essentially, people come to SCMFG with a purpose. We are also seeing this growth extend into our magazine’s social media outlets, combining for more than seven thousand impressions per month.

Our bi-weekly newsletter is also in high demand, seeing 20,000 impressions each month, while our website gathers over 10,000. What is more important about these nearly 40,000 impressions statewide is their specific target. SCMFG’s demographic is 100 percent manufacturing-related aimed at 92 percent decision makers.

In addition to our exciting growth, we are also very happy to report the successful completion of our magazine’s first editorial board meeting. Thank you Jason Premo, Steve Townes, John Lummus, Rick Cothran, Chuck Spangler, Paul Pickhardt, Doug Kim and Don Snizaski.

It’s hard to imagine we could stray from the sector’s most pressing issues and trending topics with this group steering our editorial focus.

As an editorial and thought leadership driven magazine, we provide a venue for the state’s decision makers to speak to their contemporaries, and we look forward to continuing our growth in the Palmetto State as a reliable and formidable ally alongside South Carolina’s manufacturing professionals.


Joe Toppe
South Carolina Manufacturing
Editor in Chief





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