Milliken Infrastructure Solutions Introduces “Industry Insights” Podcast Series

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC (MIS), a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, today announced the launch of its “Industry Insights: Geopolymers” series of podcasts. Led by development manager Joe Royer, each installment offers a detailed look at common infrastructure repair problems in the storm and sanitary markets and how to address challenges with new technology.

The weekly series of five podcasts focuses on the increased demand and widespread adoption of geopolymer mortar systems, application techniques and more. Additionally, Royer walks listeners through two pipe repair projects to demonstrate how geopolymer mortars have been evaluated and compared to alternative methods.

“Geopolymers are known to have some advantageous chemical resistant and physical properties, but are not typically industrially used,” said Royer. “We recognized that handling and mixing a highly concentrated, alkaline solutions on a jobsite comes many risks, and focused on addressing those problems by developing a just-add-water geopolymer solution.”

MIS works to solve infrastructure challenges differently, offering a breadth of solutions that rehabilitate, strengthen, and protect infrastructure components. Backed by the company’s extensive engineering expertise and support, these systems install easier and faster than functional equivalents. Its third-party tested and validated leading-edge solutions, including GeoSpray® geopolymer mortar, create value and allow owners and design engineers to extend the operating life of their existing assets.

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