North Carolina Manufacturers Added Jobs in 2014

Manufacturing employment increased in North Carolina for a third straight year, reports the 2015 North Carolina Manufacturers Register ®, an industrial database and directory published by Manufacturers’ News, Inc. (MNI) Evanston, IL. According to data collected by MNI, North Carolina manufacturers added 3,734 jobs from January 2014 to January 2015, a half percent increase, lagging behind the 1.8% national average increase reported by the Labor Department for the same time period.

Manufacturers’ News reports North Carolina is now home to 10,093 manufacturers employing 566,730 workers.

“With its low labor costs, favorable tax climate, and recent designation as one of several U.S. manufacturing innovation hubs, investment in North Carolina’s industrial sector has picked up speed,” says Tom Dubin, President of the Evanston, IL-based publishing company, which has been surveying industry since 1912. “However, the state face stiff competition from its neighbors in the South Atlantic region, particularly in heavy industries such as aerospace and auto manufacturing.”

According to Manufacturers’ News, employment gains were led by the industrial machinery sector, which inched up 1% in 2014. Industrial machinery manufacturers in North Carolina currently employ the most factory workers in the state with 67,456 jobs.

Gains were reported across most other industrial sectors in North Carolina, with employment in medical instruments/related products up 3.2%; chemicals up 2.2%; fabricated metals, up 1.8%; electronics, up 1.4%; and paper products, up 1.2%.

North Carolina posted losses in primary metals, down 6% and textiles, down 1.1%.

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MNI reports Charlotte ranks first in the state for industrial employment with 43,201 jobs, up 1.3% in 2014. Manufacturing employment rose 2.8% in Winston-Salem; and rose a half percent in both Research Triangle Park and Greensboro.

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