Pozyx Opens A Dedicated U.S. Office to Support Its Growth

Greenville, South Carolina (United States), February 3rd, 2021. — POZYX, pioneers in accurate positioning solutions with ultra-wideband (UWB), is opening a dedicated U.S. office to support its growth in North-America. With a physical presence in Greenville, South Carolina, Pozyx will expand its operations in the United States to serve growing business demand. A dedicated sales & support team and a collaboration with local partner Gemba Systems will help partners and customers to be even more successful with state-of-the-art ultra-wideband real-time locating systems.

Ghent-based startup Pozyx helps customers in smart manufacturing to obtain reliable data about how to improve their business through the use of a highly accurate (10-30 cm or 4-12 inches) real-time positioning system.

Pozyx solutions use ultra-wideband technology to help industrial customers solve a myriad of problems such as losing track of tools and assets, the inefficiency of people and asset flows, and even accidents and workplace safety issues.

The real-time locating system developed by Pozyx also remedies errors in the processing of goods, bottlenecks in internal processes, inefficient time registration, lack of insight into lead times, difficulties with cost calculations, and much more. All through the power of extremely accurate real-time positioning.

After gaining traction in Europe and Asia with successful projects for large industrial customers, Pozyx has now decided to focus on the United States after increased business opportunities. Samuel Van de Velde, Pozyx CEO says: “Ultra-wideband has seen a meteoric rise as the next big technology for customers to understand how accurate location data can lead to improvements and optimizations.

Our move to North-America is a direct result of huge interest from some of the largest and most innovative companies in the automotive, logistics, and entertainment markets. These companies understand that reliable, accurate, and real-time data is the next frontier for revolutionizing their business.”

Pozyx will operate from a physical office in Greenville, South Carolina to serve the U.S. market, with both a dedicated support and sales team, including local sales representative Ryan Graham. He will work very closely with regional Pozyx partner Gemba Systems, which already has a successful track record in innovative smart manufacturing and IIoT solutions.

Yves Ghys, Pozyx Chief Commercial Officer, will be spearheading the North-American venture. He says: “Greenville has emerged as a growing hub of forward-looking technology initiatives, and we couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by these fantastic companies in the region. What’s more, our very warm welcome by the City and Mayor of Greenville, the South Caroline Upstate Alliance, and the South Carolina Department of Commerce was wonderful.

The city’s an ideal base of operations as we embark upon our U.S. adventure.” Samuel Van de Velde, Pozyx CEO, adds: “We look forward to letting customers discover the exciting possibilities of our best-in-class UWB solutions. And with the first projects already lined up, we can’t wait to get started in North-America.”


Yves Ghys

Managing Director & CCO


+1 864 867 7217

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