3 Reasons You Need to Know Daedalus Industrial

Located in Upstate South Carolina, Daedalus Industrial specializes in OEM and Custom Panel Manufacturing, Controls Engineering, Electrical Design, Mechanical Design, and Building Management System Solutions.

Named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the 2020 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo, Daedalus Industrial manages a high volume of panel assemblies in the company’s 65,000 sq/ft facility for businesses in the Information & Technology, Automotive, Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Packaging, and Pharmaceutical industries.

  1. Control Panels: The Nerve Center

Industrial control panels hold and arrange critical electronics used to direct the operation of equipment and machines, while also demanding clear functions and organized control to achieve process goals.

The control panel’s components normally include items like power supplies, transformers, circuit breakers, PLCs, disconnect switches, terminal blocks, relays, contactors, overload relays, fuses, VFDs, starters, and Ethernet switches.

  1. Building Management Systems: Efficiency Improved

Installing an efficient and updated Building Management System to any building or facility can reduce downtime and minimize risks, while simplifying upgrades, saving money, and increasing customer confidence.

In addition, the utilization of an effective BMS provides a core management tool required by building managers to ensure monitoring and efficient management of energy and occupant comfort.

  1. Engineering: Cutting Edge and Just-in-Time

It wasn’t too long ago that a busted part could halt production. It wasn’t too long ago that efficiency standards fluctuated as workflow patterns failed and were re-assessed, as work speeds varied from associate to associate and shift to shift, as employers risked staff injuries around the clock.

Like many other industries changed by automation and robotics’ innovation, the day-to-day dynamic is much different now, and so are the needs of the modern manufacturing facility.

From FANUC Robotics, Custom EOAT Programming, and Multi-Group Motion, to Touch Sensing, Vision Guidance, and Line Tracking, manufacturers now rely on the acumen of cutting-edge engineering and foresight.

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