Every Building has a Brain; Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building Management Systems; The ‘Do it all’ brain trust

Buildings today are blueprinted with a unified intelligence. Every office tower, industrial facility, and manufacturing space can be outfitted with a computer-based control monitoring the structure’s full array of mechanical and electrical systems.

Is it too hot or cold in the building? Are the lights turned on or off? Are the security systems functioning? Are the smoke detectors and fire systems online?

As innovative technologies like automation, robotics, and high-speed Wi-Fi revolutionize the means in which goods and services are produced, shipped, and maintained, a structure’s Building Management System (BMS) could be the most vital point along the supply chain.

The starting point

Whether they’re flight-critical components being carefully machined for a supplier in the aerospace sector, or a box of fasteners for the ‘Just-in-Time’ automotive industry, the path from product to delivery starts first with the building’s management system, ensuring the lines are up, the lights are on, and the workers are at their stations.

Data compiled in Engineered Services Magazine showed only 11% of commercial buildings under 50,000 square feet in the U.S. have a BMS, although 94% of all commercial building are in that size range.

According to the article, a BMS is like a computer program running all your critical systems, while the operating logic, also called automation, can be robust or as simple as setting a schedule for things to turn on and off.

The BMS difference

Installing an efficient and updated Building Management System to any building or facility can reduce downtimes and minimize risks, while simplifying upgrades, saving money, and increasing customer confidence.

In addition, the utilization of an effective BMS provides a core management tool required by building managers to ensure monitoring and efficient management of energy and occupant comfort.

The Authority

Named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the 2020 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo, Daedalus Industrial manufactures Building Management Systems in the company’s 65,000 sq/ft facility for businesses in the Information & Technology, Automotive, Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Packaging, and Pharmaceutical industries.

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