Greenville Safety Firm Extends Expertise to Global Import and Supply Company

Greenville-based Life & Safety Consultants Inc. will now provide qualified and flexible safety professionals for the Tides Commodity Trading Group, Inc., out of Charleston. The company is an importer and supplier of organic industrial food ingredients.

“We are staffing personnel to meet their EHS (environmental, health, and safety) and DOT needs,” said Life & Safety President, Don Snizaski.
“We help Tides provide a safer workplace and a more environmentally conscientious and compliant work place,” he said. “The goal is to prevent injuries and illnesses and implement green programs to protect people and the environment.”

To attract new customers for their clients, the Greenville safety firm provides sound EHS programs to minimize negative impact on the environment.
“With new clients comes more growth and more jobs,” Snizaski said.

Gregory Zaccaro, V.P. and CFO of the Tides Commodity Trading Group, said Life & Safety will provide the tools, knowledge and guidance needed in an area of concern for the organization.

“Their service will allow us to continue to grow our enterprise and to remain compliant while providing a safe and controlled work environment for our employees and confidence for our customers and vendors alike,” he said.

Companies need safety consultants to assist in uncovering risk, Snizaski said.

“By uncovering risks, you can protect the two most precious assets, the employees and the environment,” he said. “We can maintain a high level of health and safety compliance through sustainable programs, and using an experienced and professional consulting company also mitigates the cost and risk associated with part-time or inexperienced safety personnel.”

About Life & Safety Consultants Inc.
Founded in 1997, Life & Safety Consultants is a Greenville firm designed to provide companies around the globe with environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance and risk management. Life & Safety’s network of qualified experts provides unrivaled knowledge of construction, municipality, and general industry compliance.

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