Through the Years; Greenville’s “International Plastics”

Know your WHY.  Why do we do what we do?  We should all ask ourselves both personally and professionally, WHY?  If we don’t know the answer, we should find one.  Knowing our WHY gives us purpose and helps us reach our fullest potential.

Many organizations and associates know WHAT they do and HOW they do it. However, many do not fully understand WHY they do it. The WHY is what gives you drive and passion, making organizations great. This is a excellent reminder of  WHAT, HOW, and most importantly WHY we do things here at International Plastics.

McClure Family

From inception, this company had a mission, a vision and strong values, albeit unwritten and in the mind of our founder, my father, J.R. McClure.  This is typical for most entrepreneurial start-ups. While it’s not 100% necessary to start-up to have a written plan, it certainly makes it easier if you want to scale in size. It makes it harder for others to enter into the business, as in our case, family members, associates, etc.  As an organization grows, how can you effectively articulate what’s in your head for others to follow?  You write it down, polish it, communicate it.  Most people call this “Strategic Planning”, and as a second-generation family business, we came to a point where it was imperative to do so if we were to successfully transition and grow.

Our strategic planning process took much longer than most with five children and parents still in business and arranging schedules. It was a tedious and sometimes painful process, but worth doing, and I could not imagine what would have happened if we didn’t.

Through the help of a third party facilitator, we completed our Strategic Plan in 1999 and have since polished many times. It has certainly defined and shaped the culture, and it drives all we do as the guidepost.

How do we know if our culture is more than just creative words on our website and motivational posters?

IP Company Meeting

The ultimate answer answer is in the customer’s and prospect’s perception. If they NEVER read our Mission or Vision statements on our “about us” page- Would they FEEL IT and understand what kind of company we are?  “How will they feel it?” you ask… Ultimately actions speak louder than our words. If our WHY drives our actions, it will be clear throughout the customer experience.

Understand your WHY, believe it, live it, communicate it… using words only when necessary!


International Plastics in a Nutshell

International Plastics Provides Stock & Custom Packaging

The Flexible Packaging Experts™. –  International Plastics manufactures, imports, and supplies all types of protective, flexible packaging. We specialize in Polyethylene Bags, Tubing, and Film. We are able to custom design and manufacture plastic bags in many styles, colors and print to meet your various packaging requirements. We also offer a huge inventory of common poly bag sizes and styles Over 2,000 sizes of bags and 6,000 packaging related products. We are your one-stop source for flexible packaging.

Custom Packaging Solutions – Through state-of-the-art technology in extrusion, printing, and converting we manufacture unique packing solutions for industries of all types. Rely on our team of packaging experts to help you choose the right options for your specific application. If you require custom printing and artwork, our in-house creative department stands ready to help you turn your ideas into packaging products.

Stock Packaging Solutions – With one of the largest packaging inventories in the country (over 6,000 items, including more than 2,000 sizes of poly bags) we can accommodate all of your stock packaging needs. Whether your quantity demands container-direct service to your dock or same-day fulfillment from one of our warehouses, our factory-direct pricing will save you time and money.

Proven Experience – As a plastic packaging industry leader since 1964, International Plastics has earned the title of The Flexible Packaging Experts™.  With our domestic and international manufacturing  capabilities, we can meet virtually any stock or custom packaging requirements you have. Whether your order is large or small, simple or complex, draw on our expertise to help you meet all of your packaging needs.

Unsurpassed Customer Care – Our customers continually compliment us on the exceptional care they experience  throughout our organization. We strive to develop long-term customer relationships based upon mutual trust and respect. No matter what the need, you can count on our award-winning customer service team to handle your request personally and professionally.

Exceptional Value – When you choose International Plastics, you gain an experienced partner dedicated to providing the best packaging solutions for your business. Our promise is simple: We will bring you the best packaging solutions at the lowest possible price! Guaranteed!

Operational Excellence – Our entire organization is driven by a commitment to excellence and a desire to exceed your expectations. We go to every length to make sure our processes, services, and products exceed industry standards. Our ISO certification assures you of consistent quality in products and services, prompt resolution to problems and our commitment to continuous improvement. We are so confidence in our products and services that we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied, or we’ll do what it takes to make it right.


Our Core Values – “PRACTICE”

People: We will hire, train and empower passionate people to achieve extraordinary results.

Respect:  We value all customers, vendors and associates and treat them with honor and respect.

Attitude:  We will positively impact others with a smile and a “can-do” attitude.

Commitment:  Our business culture will reflect our commitment to our customers through mission, vision and values.

Teamwork:  Working together we will help each other succeed.

Integrity:  We will be honest, ethical and accountable to God in all we do.

Customers:  Everything we do is focused on helping our customers succeed.

Excellence:  We will exceed expectations in all that we do and enjoy satisfaction for a job well done

Our Mission:  To help businesses succeed by providing complete packaging solutions.

Our Vision:  Through Operational Excellence and Unsurpassed Customer Service we will be the premier provider of Flexible Packaging. We will offer our customers the best stock and custom packaging products at the most competitive prices. We will empower our associates and in turn our customers to reach their fullest potential and we will do all this with PASSION.

Our Philosophy:  To bring honor to God as we empower our associates to drive business culture that promotes excellence in fulfilling our mission.
Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” NIV

If you wanted to simplify all the MVV above below even more this is what you basically have:

People + Purpose + Process + Passion

Great PEOPLE, working with a unified PURPOSE, in well defined PROCESSES…

all with a PASSION to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The advantage for you is quality products at the lowest possible cost.

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