Just In Time

Workflow is critical in a manufacturing environment. Where are your tools? Is your facility floor cluttered with unneeded inventory?

Jason Premo, Acclaim Advanced Manufacturing’s CEO and Lean-Six Sigma MBB: “One of the most important benefits of Just-In-Time or JIT is the elimination of raw material, inventory and product storage costs. inventory is considered a huge waste or dead investment, incurring additional costs and tying up cash, space and other resources that could be deployed for other value creation purposes.”

Global brands like BMW rely on a localized supply chain capable of meeting their high production demands through the correct implementation of lean standards and Just in Time protocol.

Murat Aksel, Senior Vice President, Purchasing and Supplier Network Americas: “Our lean production philosophy of just-in-time delivery means the supply chain must run seamlessly.  Any disruption can result in production delays, which means the customer can be impacted. Without committed and reliable suppliers producing high-quality parts and delivering them on time, BMW would not be successful.  More than 70 percent of the value-add of our vehicles – from seats to axles to bumpers – comes from our suppliers, so they are important partners with BMW.”

Look around you. There are plenty of South Carolina companies ready to meet your product or service needs. How far do you go for your supplies? Will your goods be “Just in Time”?

Brian Kuney, Regional VP at the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership “Localizing your supply chain will do more than generate local job growth and stimulate the regional economy, its can reduce costs while eliminating risks like disruptions in supply if getting materials from foreign countries or conducting smaller demand runs. “

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Roger Throckmorton

Chief Brand Officer

International Plastics in Greenville, SC

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