Moss & Associates Progressing on Design-build Project for Plastic Film Plant

Moss & Associates, a Greenville construction services firm, has recently started the steel erection for Uniscite Inc.’s manufacturing plant located in Gray Court, S.C. The facility will produce a high-quality, biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, which is used in a wide variety of food packaging.

In 2012, Moss was awarded the design-build contract for the Chinese plastic film company’s first plant in North America. The contract included preconstruction services, site work and construction, all in coordination with innovative equipment that produces plastic film at exceptional speed.

Uniscite and the Moss team broke ground on the fast-track 300,000-square-foot steel and precast facility late last year in Laurens County on a 35-acre site. The facility will be ready for equipment installation in December 2013. Upon completion in early 2014, the plant is expected to generate up to 100 new jobs.

BOPP films have become a popular, high growth film on the world market because of a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, sealability, twist retention and barrier. It is used in a variety of application, including flexible packaging, pressure-sensitive tape, cable wrap and insulation and printing and lamination.

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