Need Rockets? Attention Manufacturers in Aviation, Defense and Space Industries

We make Rockets (turbine, propulsion, warheads, actuation and other components designed to go fast, really fast… or go BOOM!)

Whether its .010” to 12” in diameter, whether its titanium, inconel, monel, tungsten or hastelloy x, bring it on!

Let Acclaim Aerospace bring your commercial, space or defense application to market by leveraging 15-plus years of “design for manufacturing” and aerospace critical class parts experience to ensure a product cost, quality and delivery mission success.

Whether prototype, LRIP or full rate production, Acclaim Aerospace will be there the whole journey!

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Excelsior — Latin: Ever Upward!

At SCMFG, we are dedicated to helping our state’s manufacturers and their business service providers bring their products, services, and ideas to market. If you have a product or service that you want to share with your target market, contemporaries, and/or competitors, utilize our network of almost 20k manufacturing professionals today! To learn more about our network click here! 


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