Avenger Aerospace Solutions Perfects its Endgame with Smart Glasses

Good ideas are the impetus of innovation, especially in aviation. However, if they’re not properly evaluated, developed, planned, integrated, tested, and certified by the proper subject-matter experts, they may remain just good ideas – or even result in disaster. At Avenger Aerospace Solutions, they do not need Thor, Black Widow, Captain America or Bruce Banner to figure out a way to help their customers’ business take flight.

Avenger Aerospace Solutions has perfected its endgame withAvenger Fleet Vu (AFV)”, a remote engineering and certification assistance service, allowing mechanics on the hangar floor to access resources at Avenger’s Greenville SC facility without the need for expensive travel.  It’s just like having on-site engineering and certification support, but at a fraction of the cost.

Avenger Fleet VU is a modern and very powerful way to call in specialized expertise anytime, anywhere. The service makes it quick and easy to establish a live connection between one or more remote designated engineering representatives (DERs), viewing things through laptop, desktop or tablet computer, and the “deskless” technicians on the hangar floor or in the field who are using mobile or wearable devices.

Using the Remote eye® technical assistance solution and Vuzix M300XL smart glasses provided by Gemba Systems Inc., communication, coordination, and collaboration while executing repairs, inspections or modifications are more efficient and lead to improved quality at lower overall cost. Data, such as live video, audio, pictures and other content to support repairs, inspections, testing, customer support, etc… can be shared between the local technician using smart glasses and Avenger’s remote experts, in both directions, allowing both parties to have access to the same information simultaneously.

 “Avenger Fleet VU will save customers a lot of time and money when the need for on-site diagnostics, repair work, engineering, or certification occurs. This will significantly reduce travel cost and time, as well as decrease the amount of time both the shop and engineering spend on the exchange of vital information used to formulate and execute repairs or installations.” David Misencik, President Avenger Aerospace Solutions

Avenger Fleet VU can also be used without Avenger’s involvement, e.g. by clients with multiple facilities who need to coordinate and train, as well as clients who need effective communications between their ir fleet and home base. Whenever a new and/or complex (and typically urgent) problem arises, the field technician or engineer can instantly connect with one or more remote experts anywhere in the world to collaborate in real-time on a faster diagnosis and better solution. This results in faster inspections, maintenance, and repairs, while saving a lot of money on travel cost and lost productive capacity.

This type of solution provides very useful capabilities, including:

  • Technician and remote expert(s) are sharing views and communicating in real-time and hands-free
  • If needed, multiple remote experts – eventually from different places around the world – can provide support simultaneously, working as a team
  • Remote experts can easily share any relevant documents, pictures, or video with the local technician
  • Remote experts can “screenshot” or take video of anything the local technician is seeing, and add notes or directions to the images in real-time for the local technician to follow along
  • Remote experts can zoom in remotely to highlight important details, and direct the local technician’s attention using a “red-dot”

Just like engineering companies, such as Avenger Aerospace Solutions, equipment vendors are able to significantly reduce resolution time and cost as well, by offering a remote assistance package, with Remote eye® on smart glasses, to their customers. In case of e.g. technical difficulties, such as an equipment breakdown, the customer can then use the Remote eye® solution to call the equipment vendor for quick and effective remote support, without incurring any travel costs or delay.

 “Technical services providers and equipment vendors that want to maintain and increase their competitive position are always looking for new and better ways to improve customer satisfaction. By offering a powerful remote assistance solution on smart glasses to their customers, Avenger Aerospace Solutions is changing the game and leading their industry towards faster and more profitable service provision.” Stijn Van De Velde, CEO Gemba Systems.

Follow up

Please take a quick look at our solution brief Addressing Availability Challenges in Manufacturing” to understand use cases and return on investment of using Informed Reality for remote assistance.

 About Avenger Aerospace Solutions:

Avenger Aerospace Solutions provides technical solutions for ever increasing certification requirements, from structural design and analysis to FAA certification support, helping aerospace business customers to take flight.  Please click here for more information about Avenger Fleet VU

About Gemba Systems Inc.:

Gemba Systems Inc. helps companies navigate the complex and fast-evolving landscape of “smart manufacturing” and the Industrial Internet of Things. We offer guidance, tools, and hands-on support in the selection and implementation of those industry 4.0 technologies that will best support our customers’ most critical business processes, and the people who perform them. We have special expertise around the selection and implementation of smart glasses solutions and augmented reality applications, to enable step-change improvements in quality and productivity.


Alain Decartes

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Gemba Systems Inc.


About the author:

Alain Decartes has over three decades of global experience in communication and information technology for companies such as Unisys and Hewlett Packard. In his current role, Alain develops and executes marketing and business development strategies for manufacturing solutions that empower the shop floor workforce with advanced technologies, such as smart glasses and internet of things applications, resulting in higher quality, improved availability, and increased productivity.  Alain obtained a MSc in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons in Belgium.


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