NexGen Composites LLC is proud to announce investment from TriKohr Capital LLC

NexGen Composites LLC DBA NexGen Containers and Shelters announces that it has received a growth investment from TriKohr Capital LLC to support NexGen’s growth strategy.

Rob Banerjee, President/CEO of NexGen commented, “In the past year, we completed our strategic planning process with the CEO of TriKohr.  The plan we built and are now successfully executing, requires capital to fund our significant growth.  Having known the CEO of TriKohr for more than ten years, and working with him on building the strategic plan with my executive team, there is a high level of comfort.  His experience in building CSafe Global from a startup to a global leader in specialized air cargo containers will be a significant benefit to us.”

Brian Kohr, CEO of TriKohr commented, “I have known of NexGen and their technologies for almost fifteen years.  Having spent considerable time with Rob and his executive team over the past two years, along with recently facilitating their strategic plan, gave me great insight into their capabilities and the overall potential of this company.  What Rob and the NexGen team has created is very impressive.  This will be the fourteenth investment that TriKohr has made to date and will be one of the largest.  This shows my confidence in Rob and his team.”

NexGen was founded in 2012 and has locations in both Southwest Ohio and in South Carolina.  NexGen’s products and technologies are used in mobile shelters, modular containers and storage systems deployed by the U.S. Military, as well as in battery storage containers for renewable energy.  Its proprietary composite technologies provide lighter, more energy-efficient and  durable container and shelter solutions to its commercial and government customers.  NexGen recently developed composite radiation shielding solution as a lighter and safer alternative to lead shielding for medical imaging vehicles and shelters.

TriKohr Capital LLC is a family office investment firm based in Dayton, Ohio focused on helping business owners achieve their overall goals by facilitating focused and proper strategic planning processes along with professional management practices.

About NexGen Containers and Shelters

Beginning with five employees in 2016, NexGen Containers and Shelters has grown its workforce substantially and is hiring quality management, production technicians and other positions.  NexGen manufactures a range of modular dry freight shipping containers and shelters using both traditional steel or aluminum, or composite products.  Our containers and shelters are used by the US and allied militaries and by commercial users.

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