JIT Manufacturing Creates Jobs through SCMEP Sales & Marketing Boost

JIT Manufacturing Creates Jobs through SCMEP Sales & Marketing Boost

Company Overview

JIT is a sheet metal fabricator founded in 1992 in Cowpens, South Carolina.  The company has consistently grown through grassroots efforts, including word-of-mouth and referrals, and has expanded from the founding husband and wife duo to a team of over 30 employees and from a 3,800 to a 30,000 square foot facility.  JIT services the military, commercial, and aerospace markets in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.


Since its inception, JIT has always excelled at customer service. The staff reacts faster than competitors because every team member is dedicated to communication and accessibility. Even though JIT has an employee – customer relationship that other companies try to replicate, management was displeased that sales were not increasing in direct correlation.

Challenges included loss of business due to high shipping costs as well as the perception that JIT was a small company with limited capabilities.  With the company’s mentality to “do what it takes,” management turned to SCMEP’s Sales & Marketing Boost program to help increase revenue.


SCMEP implemented its proprietary Sales and Marketing Boost, which incorporates a six-step process: marketing messaging impact, identification and evaluation of growth opportunities, development of effective sales and marketing tools, improving sales effectiveness and results, generating high potential sales leads, and enable continued growth.

To kick off the project, SCMEP lead the team through a marketing messaging session to uncover company strengths and opportunities for improvement.  A competitive analysis was then performed and target markets were identified for lead generation and marketing purposes.  New sales and marketing tools, including a new website and printed sales collateral, were developed using the updated marketing messaging.

A lead generation campaign was planned and launched to create new lead sources for the sales team.   The JIT team was equipped with tools and training to continue sales and marketing efforts and facilitate further growth.


The Sales and Marketing Boost, when applied to JIT’s situation, resulted in an increase in market penetration, requiring more employees. During the program, JIT acquired a new contract with the military, and, most notably, JIT was able to create two new careers – a new machining position and a new robotic welding position.  New sales of $100,000 were also generated during the project.


“Our team enjoyed working with SCMEP, and we were pleased to be able to add two new jobs on our manufacturing floor.  We will look to SCMEP for future needs and would recommend them to manufacturers of all sizes,” said JIT Owner, Reggie Wyatt.

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