Transformers: Manufacturers in-supply

Industry needs shift to technical engineering and design

Contemporary manufacturers are transforming up and down the supply chain, as the means in which goods are engineered, produced, and distributed can now operate on their own.

The innovation and application of robotics, digital and automated solutions have connected the industry and pushed efficiency standards higher across the board. Robots now carry the burden of dangerous work, speedy maintenance, heavy-lifting, sorting, and packaging.

There are even collaborative robots working alongside their human counterparts. As a result, the demand for next-generation engineering is at an all-time high.

Sterile Precision Manufacturing Laboratory with 3D Printers

The shift in manufacturing process

 It wasn’t too long ago that a busted part could halt production. It wasn’t too long ago that efficiency standards fluctuated as workflow patterns failed and were re-assessed, as work speeds varied from associate to associate and shift to shift, as employers risked staff injuries around the clock.

Like many other industries changed by automation and robotics’ innovation, the day-to-day dynamic is much different now, and so are the needs of the modern manufacturing facility.

From FANUC Robotics, Custom EOAT Programming, and Multi-Group Motion, to Touch Sensing, Vision Guidance, and Line Tracking, manufacturers now rely on the acumen of cutting-edge engineering and foresight.

The need for skilled hands

Despite the changing job titles and application of duties, the contemporary manufacturer still needs human beings, lots of them. There are CNC machinists, assemblers, and fabricators. There are executive staff, sales, and marketing.

And of course, there are the men and women ensuring all the automated processes maintain peak efficiency standards to keep up with competitors. They work late nights designing robotics that meet a customer’s specific needs, they make sure auto lines run seamlessly, they keep the pallets moving and distribution on time.

They understand Standard TP Programming Development, Ethernet CIP Safety, Case Packing, Palletizing and Depalletizing. They expertise in Handling Tool, Paint Tool, Arc Tool, Pallet Tool, Pick Tool, and Extended and Auxiliary Axis Control.

The authority

Named ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the 2020 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo, Daedalus Industrial’s competencies include every facet of Controls Engineering, Robotics, Electrical and Mechanical Design.

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