FREE Webinar: Testing for COVID-19 – Lessons Learned

DATE/TIME: Wed Sep 16, 2020 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT

Heather Collins, MS, has spent her career assuring optimal lab results were provided to her patients for the betterment of their health and happiness.  Prior to coming to Abbott Diagnostics, Heather specialized in Reproductive Medicine serving as an Embryologist at some of the US’s leading labs: Cleveland Clinic, UNC Women’s Hospital, as well as, several Private Practices across North and South Carolina.  Heather is passionate to educate the importance and difference in laboratory medicine.  When Heather is not in the lab, she can be found on her family farm with her husband and children.

Abbott Diagnostics was founded in 1888 and has a long history of providing measurably better healthcare to those it serves. For the last 50 years Abbott has turned its focus specifically to Infectious Disease testing.   Abbott is proudly partnering with the White House, HHS, World Health Organization, as well as, many other federal and state health authorities to provide complete COVID testing and Antibody screening.  Currently Abbott has 4 FDA approved COVID tests that are being utilized across the country as “Best Practice” as we all work together to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. By bringing fast accurate diagnosis, Abbott empowers you to make smarter medical decisions that affect your future.

Webinar Description

Join us to interact with Heather Collins from Abbott Laboratory as she discusses the different types of COVID testing available today. She will be discussing the effectiveness, benefits, and importance of COVID testing within the workplace.  Additionally, Heather will illustrate how COVID testing and a screening plan is critical to business continuity, return to work policies, and limits the liability of the spreading the virus.

Topics Covered

  • History of Abbott’s ID Testing
  • They Difference Between COVID Tests
  • Importance of a Complete Testing Protocol
  • Corporate Testing and Why It Is Important: Assuring Your Safety
  • How to Effectively Optimize the Health of Your Company
  • Maximizing Productivity While Minimizing Your Risk
  • The Liability of The Silent Spreader: The Importance of Identifying Asymptomatic Employees

Abbott Test Location Information

Within South Carolina, Abbott has a large diagnostic footprint. Abbott instrumentation and testing is found throughout the state at the most prominent Healthcare locations: All 15 PRISMA hospitals, DHEC, MUSC, and VA Charleston just to name a few.  For all Employee Diagnostics and COVID Testing, Abbott proudly announces its new partnership with reference laboratory, Assure Labs. Specializing in Corporate Healthcare, Assure Labs launched “Return to Work with Assurance” a program providing COVID testing complete with screening and monitoring plans.    Understanding the needs of South Carolina’s Industry leaders, Assure is committed to accurate, timely results which is the key to keeping South Carolina in business.


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