Are you losing money on imported components? Do you need to maximize your floor space?

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Right now, manufacturers across the Palmetto State are subject to expensive duties as their products are imported into the country. Did you know you can enjoy the bounties of complete duty elimination or deferral by warehousing your products in a General-Purpose Foreign Trade Zone?

Shipment Containers at the Port

Field Bradley, the Vice President of Swafford Transport & Warehouse, said U.S. manufacturers are benefiting more than ever from the Foreign Trade Zone program because of advancing globalization and fluid trade policies.

“It’s time folks learn about the FTZ program, the role of a general-purpose FTZ and the many benefits they provide,” he said.

Alongside South Carolina Manufacturing, Greenville-based aerospace supplier Acclaim Advanced Manufacturing will open the doors of their brand-new facility to host an informative presentation on the benefits of utilizing a General-Purpose Foreign Trade Zone in the global manufacturing market from Swafford Transport and Warehouse March 28, 2019 from 2p.m. to 4p.m.


And with a deeper harbor in Charleston, another Inland Port in Dillon and increasing suppliers coming in every year, the “need” for storage in the state’s Just in Time manufacturing sector is on the rise, and yet, automotive manufacturers cannot afford to keep products on the floor. The second they are produced, everything must go.

After all, manufactured goods and imported components cost money, and manufacturers may need duty reduction, deferral or elimination.

And as always, don’t take my word for it. Brian Kuney, a lean six sigma black belt and VP at the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership put it like this, “you’re not making it to store it, you’re making it to ship it at the pace of the customer’s demand.”

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