Building an Empire; The Textile Center of the World

     Old Cotton Mill Greenville, SC

By the 1930’s, nearly 20 major cotton mills and two dye/bleaching/processing mills lay within three miles of downtown Greenville, one of which was the largest mill under one roof in the world. The mills and their villages formed a crescent surrounding the growing city.

       Modern Day Greenville, SC

The entrepreneurs who built these mills became leaders in the southern textile industry and set out, not only to build an empire, but to build Greenville. Folks who grew up in the mill villages talk about their work and their life on the Mill Hill. It is truly an intriguing story, and there are 13 of their mills still standing, all within three miles of downtown Greenville. This video documentary takes an in-depth look into Greenville’s textile past to the modern day.

SCMFG would like to thank the creators of this video documentary for allowing us to share it with our readers:

Ferncreek Creative 
Director, Don Koonce
Research Director, Teresa Slack

Click the image below to view the documentary of Greenville’s textile past

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