Clemson University

Nature-inspired research could lead to eyeglasses that don’t fog up

Wearing orange-tinted safety glasses, Dr. Xin Zhao parted some plastic sheeting and stepped out of a darkened Clemson University clean room, followed by his Ph.D. student, Kewei Li. Li went to a computer with a purple Tiger paw on the screen and asked, “Ready?” “OK, let’s go,”…

Human-trafficking networks targeted in new research

Terry Forliti helps sex-trafficking survivors find a different life, but she knows what it’s like to be on the other side, caught in a spell of addiction, homelessness and enslavement while grasping the bars of a jail cell. Forliti, sober since 2008 and now the executive director…

Clemson University researchers create cutting-edge solutions to COVID-19

A new Clemson University lab that researchers are calling “a cutting-edge solution to help fight COVID-19” could be stocked with 13 sample-handling robots and have a staff of about 50 students fully trained as early as November. The COVID-19 Clinical Diagnostics Lab started off by testing the saliva of athletes and Tiger Band members and […]

Clemson University; Preparing the next generation of technological talent in advanced manufacturing; coming out of COVID-19 stronger

With $4 million in funding from the National Science Foundation, a new project called A2 proposes to build on the success of Clemson University’s Center for Aviation and Automotive Technological Education using Virtual E-Schools (CA2VES). CA2VES launched in 2012 to create and deliver accessible e-learning material for a nationwide audience to support aviation and automotive technological education. […]