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Clemson Connection; Simulated heart attacks link to new cardiovascular drugs?

Researchers have developed a new way of simulating heart attacks in a lab and then using the engineered tissue to screen drugs that show promise for treating patients with heart damage, according to a new article in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering. Corresponding author Ying Mei, an…

Clemson Connection; Protecting self-driving vehicles from cyberattacks

Hackers around the world have stolen personal information, held data for ransom and in at least one case took an entire nation offline. One of their next targets could be self-driving vehicles. While self-driving cars are now in the testing phase, they will be hitting the streets…

Clemson Connection; Yunyi Jia wins top honor for young engineering educator

A Clemson University automotive engineer who teaches students many of the skills they need for careers in robotics and self-driving cars is winning an award that recognizes him as one of the nation’s top young engineering educators. Yunyi Jia, an assistant professor, is receiving the Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award from SAE International. At least […]