Clemson University

Human-trafficking networks targeted in new research

Terry Forliti helps sex-trafficking survivors find a different life, but she knows what it’s like to be on the other side, caught in a spell of addiction, homelessness and enslavement while grasping the bars of a jail cell. Forliti, sober since 2008 and now the executive director…

Clemson University researchers create cutting-edge solutions to COVID-19

A new Clemson University lab that researchers are calling “a cutting-edge solution to help fight COVID-19” could be stocked with 13 sample-handling robots and have a staff of about 50 students fully trained as early as November. The COVID-19 Clinical Diagnostics Lab started off by testing the saliva of athletes and Tiger Band members and […]

Clemson University; Preparing the next generation of technological talent in advanced manufacturing; coming out of COVID-19 stronger

With $4 million in funding from the National Science Foundation, a new project called A2 proposes to build on the success of Clemson University’s Center for Aviation and Automotive Technological Education using Virtual E-Schools (CA2VES). CA2VES launched in 2012 to create and deliver accessible e-learning material for a nationwide audience to support aviation and automotive technological education. […]

Clemson University; A driving force of industry-shifting innovations

Srikanth Pilla spends his days collaborating with some of the world’s most well-known car companies. But the prolific researcher and automotive engineering professor didn’t actually drive until he was 21 years old — shortly after he’d left India and moved to the U.S. to pursue his master’s…

Clemson University; Connecting Industry with the Ideas and Workforce of the Future

Clemson University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering partners with South Carolina industry in many ways.  One very active way is in the final “capstone” undergraduate course that every senior takes.  Students must demonstrate mastery of the engineering design process by proposing solutions to real, current topics.  And where…