COVID-19 Does not Vote

Letter from the Publisher

It is a scary time for the world and South Carolina is no exception. The numbers of infected with the Coronavirus are rising everyday and it seems as there is no end in sight.

The disease does not discriminate or play partisan politics. It does not care who we are or what we support. It does not have a vote, does not have a say and does not have a favorite political news channel.

So, why are so many politicizing this world event?

It is time we set aside our differences and embrace our similarities as human beings. This will not be the last pandemic. This will not be our last common enemy. SCMFG supports good leadership regardless of its political affiliation.

President Trump and Vice-President Pence hold daily press conferences to keep the country up-to-date on the COVID-19 novel virus. Governor McMaster is commanding the fight in South Carolina and we must continue to support him as well. Senator Lindsey Graham is also in the battle by pushing for a speedy federal response, while Rep. Joe Cunningham’s state loyalty remains steadfast after a COVID-19 positive test and subsequent quarantine.

However, the bravest people in this war are the men and women working on the front-lines in the medical field. SCMFG would like to express its deepest respect and appreciation to our country’s healthcare professionals for their sacrifice and bravery.

We would also like to thank our men and women in uniform that risk their lives everyday upholding law and order during this time of immense uncertainty.

No matter your political views, your race, your place of birth, your income, your Faith, or lack there of, we are all in this fight together!

Go South Carolina! Go USA! Go World!

About the Author:

James Toppe is the President/Publisher of South Carolina Manufacturing and a graduate of Clemson University.

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