Forklift operators needed! MAU upgrades Skill School in Greer to fill gap in workforce

South Carolina has a thriving manufacturing industry, but it is one that faces serious manpower challenges.

That isn’t exactly a big revelation in the world of manufacturing in the Palmetto State. Almost every economic study about jobs and manufacturing has been underscoring that point for several years now. Well-paid job openings are not being filled. Some estimates show that as many as 52 percent of manufacturing businesses saw a drop in productivity from a labor shortage while 20 percent of those manufacturing businesses are currently looking into automated alternatives.

What does this mean for the future? It is projected that by 2025, out of the three million vacant manufacturing jobs, two million will be unfilled due to the skills gap, according to the South Carolina Department of Commerce.

So what do you do when six out of 10 open production jobs are unfilled due to a lack of skills? How can you ensure that future employees are receiving the training that they need to hold a steady career in the manufacturing field?  For MAU Workforce Solutions, we looked at one of the biggest needs in the market – forklift operators. With today’s limited workforce talent, companies must be ready to bring workers onboard who are new to the industry.

That is a major reason that MAU Workforce Solutions upgraded its Skill School in Greer during the past 10 months in order to help fill the gap for forklift operators. The expanded 22,500 square-foot facility is equipped with powered industrial vehicles to train the upcoming workforce.

We saw a need from our partners. A need that we had to think outside of the box to meet.

MAU Workforce Solutions is an independent, family-owned company with more than 40 successful years providing staffing, recruiting and outsourcing solutions that connect qualified candidates to companies that need them. We are a company that is dedicated to making people’s lives better by providing the resources, training, knowledge, experience and personal attention needed to get the job done.

The MAU Skill School improves safety, competency, and job readiness for new hire material handlers in a controlled environment through three courses: forklift qualification, fundamentals and enhancement. By trusting this process, individuals emerge from training with expert knowledge of exercises crafted to develop the fundamental skills needed to operate a forklift. Scenario and equipment training allow new hire’s to bulk up their resume, while also lifting their own confidence.

By focusing on advanced real-world training, we believe we have helped bridge a gap in the manufacturing workforce world. Our stats show a 31 percent improvement in stand-up time, with a 29 percent improvement in sit-down time. With more than 15,576 total training hours and an average of 38-42 associates per week, the Skill School is cranking out proficient employees geared towards success.

Eryka Cazenave at MAU Workforce Solutions. 



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