Gretchen Philyaw Disrupting Manufacturing and Tech

Gretchen Philyaw Joins The South Carolina Manufacturing Team

She’s a CEO, a founder, and writer. She’s a proponent of American industry, a skilled hand, and entrepreneur, and she's about to show the world the excitement of manufacturing and technology in the USA with her new series.

Whether she’s touring a robotics facility in the South Carolina Lowcountry or discussing logistical issues with their suppliers around the world, Gretchen Philyaw is uncovering new technologies, cutting-edge executives, sector disruptors, and the next wave of manufacturing solutions.

She will be highlighting the exciting moments in her new series "Fabric of America" on the JUL-TV Network starting this Fall.

Philyaw believes inspiring students is key to creating next generation's workforce

“Our local and state economies rely on incumbent and outside industry to ensure a standard and quality of life reminiscent of our nation’s most prosperous markets,” she said. “As I travel the country looking for America’s newest innovators, it is with the hope that a renewed dedication to our nation’s manufacturing prowess will surface as well.”

Much like her sector contemporaries, Philyaw persists the winning strategy is creating teams of local skilled hands to lure outside firms and spur the regional economy.

“Every executive wants direct flights, a strong infrastructure, and a prominent location along a highway, but the company employing them needs a workforce first,” she said.  “The key to ensuring a seamless flow of skilled workers in any state, country, or city is by inspiring the local youth to choose careers in the field.”

The Dark, The Dingy, and The Dangerous No More

The manufacturing sector of South Carolina has long battled the archaic stereotypes associated with the area’s textile past. Even today, some parents view employment in a manufacturing facility as a mindless redundancy at its best, and not much different than a sweat shop at its worst.

Philyaw said the automation upgrades in production, robotics, and engineering marvels of the modern manufacturer would intrigue students while showcasing the sci-fi “like” technologies to their parents.

Gretchen Philyaw Interviews Red 6

“From electric vehicles and delivery drones to collaborative robots and 3D printed organs, the future is now in manufacturing,” she continued. “The divide between commerce initiatives, industry, and academics must be bridged into one cohesive plan aimed at our youth and ultimately our world.”

Gretchen Philyaw is showing the world a new face for US Manufacturing and Tech and the next adventure awaits.

Already a season reporter and writer, Philyaw has written for a variety of industry and global print publications covering STEM-relation topics and support of women in STEM. Some of her contributions include work for Innovation & Tech Today and Plastics News.

Be sure to be on the lookout for her new series “Fabric of America”.


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