Using “Digitally Published Content” to help grow your business

South Carolina Manufacturing wants to help you grow your business through published content such as thought leadership, client testimonials, case studies, company profiles, how-to-videos, production-videos and much more to help support your marketing and sales teams find and retain business.

At SCMFG, we utilize our digital magazine and weekly e-newsletter to publish advertisements, content in the form of articles/editorials and even high-definition videos that better show your company in action.

Utilize SCMFG today to highlight what your company can do to help your clients cut cost, mitigate risk, and of course, increase profits.

SCMFG’s digital newsletter has over 13k subscribers spanning the manufacturing industry across the world.

Our newsletters are “Opened” in every U.S. state and in foreign countries such as Canada, Germany and France.

Our digital magazine is our 24hr storefront that receives thousands of visitors and page views per month from folks all over the world in the manufacturing industry.

Our prices for contributing your content in SCMFG’s digital magazine and e-newsletter.
$75.00 (Lead location in e-newsletter and digital magazine)
$50.00 (Non-lead Location in e-newsletter and digital magazine)
$25.00 (Link Insertion into any relevant article on South Carolina Manufacturing)

Testimonials from just a few of our valued clientele:

Mark McClure VP of Operations, International Plastics “SCMFG is THE great connector in the Palmetto State’s growing manufacturing industry.  Their series of laser-focused networking events brings out only the decision-makers, while their digital magazine and weekly e-newsletters are a great resource for relative news and updates in the manufacturing sector. Your next client, your next supplier or vendor is somewhere in this organization’s unrivaled network. We are lucky to have such a great organization promoting the best of our state’s manufacturing economic base.”

Ramona Farrell, Director, GreerWalker, LLP, Through SCMFG’s commitment to connect manufacturers with business service providers, GreerWalker, a CPA and Advisory firm with offices in the Carolinas, has been able to bring the two groups together to share its expertise and experiences working with manufacturers and finding solutions to current challenges.”

Brian Kuney, a regional VP at the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership, “SCMFG’s digital footprint is a major asset to the region’s manufactures.”

Chris Urban, Business Development, Innovative Manufacturing and Design “SCMFG is the single source for pertinent information as related to manufacturing within South Carolina. The articles are relevant, time sensitive, innovative and fact based. Being in the industry for 20 years, I continue to find value and time well spent reading the articles.”

Gary Tompkins, CEO, The Kidder Group, Inc. “As the number of manufacturers in South Carolina continues to grow, it’s great to have, SC Manufacturing, a resource that highlights companies and provides a platform for interacting.  One of the benefits is localized suppliers and customers can connect and grow their businesses.  I have seen firsthand how a plant tour opens doors, builds relationships and increases profits. Keep up the good work!”

Stijn Van de Velde, Gemba Systems Inc. “Our mission at Gemba Systems is to empower people through better processes and smarter technologies. Some of those advanced technologies, such as augmented reality smart glasses, take a lot of education. The exposure provided by SCMFG has been invaluable to us in getting more South Carolina manufacturing companies to become aware and interested. The SCMFG team are consistently great to work with, and we intend to continue our partnership for a long time to come.”

Dan O’Connor Managing Director at Pinpoint Solutions “I enjoy the sponsored events and articles from SC Manufacturing.  Your team does a great job in sharing relevant content and bringing professionals together to bridge industries. Keep up the good work!

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