Bi-Solvent Vapor Degreasing Solutions

The Power of Bi-Solvent Vapor Degreasing

Bi-Solvent stands as a versatile and potent vapor degreasing process capable of cleaning a wide array of substrates with remarkable efficacy. This revolutionary cleaning solution offers an ideal chlorine-free alternative for various applications, including electronics cleaning, post-processing in 3D printing/additive manufacturing, dewaxing, and plastics cleaning. At the forefront of Bi-Solvent technology, Baron Blakeslee presents Bi-Solvent Vapor Degreasers, equipped with an array of customizable options for tailored cleaning solutions.

A Simple, 3-Step Process

The Bi-Solvent cleaning process follows a straightforward three-step approach, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning:

  1. Solvating Agent Soak: Parts undergo soaking in a Bi-Solvent tank filled with a carefully selected solvating agent. These organic hydrocarbon chemistries are adept at removing specific soils, including oils, fluxes, solder pastes, silicone oils, and more. The Bi-Solvent process is also applicable in the post-processing of 3D printed parts in additive manufacturing.
  2. Conventional Degreaser Rinse: Following the soak, parts are rinsed in a conventional degreaser filled with a fluorocarbon vapor degreasing solvent. This step minimizes the re-deposition of soils, ensuring cleaner parts.
  3. Vapor Zone Drying: After rinsing, parts are dried in the vapor zone without the need for pumps or blowers, a distinctive feature of the Bi-Solvent process. Unlike conventional aqueous cleaning methods, this vapor drying process eliminates the need for additional drying equipment, enhancing efficiency.

Bi-Solvent Vapor Degreasing Features and Benefits

Bi-Solvent vapor degreasing offers a multitude of features and benefits, making it a superior choice for precision cleaning applications:

  • Superior Cleaning Power: Vapor degreasing with Bi-Solvent excels in cleaning organic, non-polar type soils due to the solvents’ low surface tension and viscosity. The vapor phase ensures thorough penetration into tight spaces and complex geometries, resulting in impeccable cleaning outcomes.
  • Space Efficiency: Bi-Solvent vapor degreasing systems maximize space in facilities, requiring fewer ancillary modules compared to aqueous processes. With integrated drying features, these systems eliminate the need for additional equipment, further optimizing space utilization.
  • Simplicity and Control: Bi-Solvent processes offer streamlined process control compared to aqueous methods. Monitoring of soil loading, acid acceptance, and filtration ensures ease of operation, while avoiding the complexities associated with aqueous processes.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Bi-Solvent vapor degreasing consumes minimal energy and generates less noise compared to aqueous systems. Additionally, solvent waste disposal is typically less costly and more environmentally responsible than spent aqueous cleaning agents.

Additional Information

Vapor degreasing with Bi-Solvent offers significant environmental advantages over aqueous processes, including lower energy consumption and reduced emissions. Waste solvent agents can be repurposed responsibly, minimizing environmental impact. As a completely waterless process, Bi-Solvent cleaning stands as a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for precision cleaning needs.

In conclusion, Bi-Solvent vapor degreasing represents a paradigm shift in precision cleaning, offering unmatched versatility, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With Baron Blakeslee‘s Bi-Solvent Vapor Degreasers, industries can achieve superior cleaning outcomes while minimizing environmental footprint, setting new standards of excellence in precision cleaning technology.

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