Vapor Degreasing Solutions

Legacy of Reliability and Effectiveness

For over a century, Baron Blakeslee has been synonymous with reliability and effectiveness in the realm of vapor degreaser equipment. Since its establishment in 1920, the company has consistently set the benchmark for parts-cleaning applications across a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, medical, electronics, and oil. Baron Blakeslee’s equipment has earned the trust of professionals worldwide, showcasing superior performance and unwavering dependability throughout its storied history.

Innovative Solutions for Diverse Industries

Baron Blakeslee’s commitment to innovation has led to the development of a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products tailored to meet the unique needs of various industrial sectors. From carbon adsorption systems to custom-designed equipment, the company continues to provide innovative solutions for both aqueous and solvent-based cleaning processes, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Carbon Adsorption Systems

In response to the growing need for eco-friendly solutions, Baron Blakeslee’s carbon adsorption systems offer efficient management of solvent emissions in vapor degreasing operations. By capturing solvent-filled air using carbon beds, these systems minimize solvent remains before releasing air into the atmosphere, meeting regulatory standards while enhancing operational efficiency.

Equinox Series

The Equinox series represents a groundbreaking advancement in vapor degreaser technology, engineered to achieve unparalleled solvent containment through innovative thermal management. Tailored for use with modern fluorinated solvent blends, the Equinox series sets a new standard for precision cleaning equipment, ensuring optimal performance across a diverse range of applications.

Lab Kleen Series

Designed for precision cleaning tasks, the Lab Kleen series offers compact tabletop vapor degreasers with essential safety controls for optimal performance. These systems are ideal for industries where precision cleaning is paramount, providing reliability and effectiveness in a compact form factor.

M-Line Precision Equipment

The M-Series vapor degreaser range stands as the global leader in vapor degreasing solutions, offering versatile options to suit various cleaning needs. With a focus on precision and efficiency, the M-Line Precision Equipment ensures thorough cleaning of parts while minimizing solvent usage and environmental impact.

Z-Series Industrial

For heavy-duty industrial applications, Baron Blakeslee’s Z-Series vapor degreasers offer unparalleled performance and reliability. These systems are designed to accommodate any size or capacity requirement, with optional features such as steam heat and superheated vapor drying systems to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning processes tailored to specific needs.

Custom Designed Equipment:

Baron Blakeslee’s in-house engineering team specializes in tailor-making industrial cleaning equipment precisely to meet company requirements. From crossrod degreasers to monorail degreasers, the company offers custom solutions that optimize performance and efficiency for specific cleaning processes, ensuring superior results for its customers.

Continued Innovation for the Future

As industries evolve and cleaning requirements become increasingly stringent, Baron Blakeslee remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a century-long legacy of excellence, the company continues to drive progress and shape the future of vapor degreasing worldwide. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and responding to the changing needs of its customers, Baron Blakeslee ensures that its equipment remains the industry standard for vapor degreaser equipment well into the future.


Baron Blakeslee’s century-long legacy of excellence in vapor degreasing equipment is a testament to its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a comprehensive range of innovative solutions and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations, Baron Blakeslee remains the industry standard for vapor degreaser equipment worldwide. As industries continue to evolve, Baron Blakeslee will continue to lead the way, providing cutting-edge solutions that set new standards of excellence in industrial cleaning technology.

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