SCMFG: About Us

Our Mission

South Carolina Manufacturing (SCMFG) is a networking organization with one mission, connect manufacturers and their business service providers from across the world as they intersect the Palmetto State. 

Who We Are

SCMFG is a network of decision-makers spanning across the manufacturing industry of South Carolina, the region, the nation and around the globe.  Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, business service providers make-up our network of nearly 20k industry-related professionals.

With content commissioned and driven by our clientele, SCMFG serves as a platform for the entire manufacturing industry to share their voice, products and services with their target market, contemporaries and competitors. To deliver their message to our network,  we utilize our live-digital-platform and weekly e-newsletter to publish/provide editorial services, digital advertising and event marketing. To see our network in action, check out our client testimonials and SCMFG marketed events photo gallery.

LIVE Digital Platform

Shaped like a digital magazine, SCMFG is a LIVE digital platform for relevant discussion directed by our clients in the manufacturing industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer or their business service provider, YOU drive the conversation, we provide the audience. From aerospace and automotive, to workforce and human resources, utilize our LIVE digital platform to bring your products and services to market.

Weekly E-Newsletter

Our weekly e-newsletter reaches almost 15k subscribers spanning all over the globe. From South Carolina to California, from Canada to Germany, SCMFG gets “opens” across the world! Utilize our e-newsletter to market your next event, advertise your product or service, or work with SCMFG to create and publish an op-ed that shares your brand with your target market through 3rd party validation.

  • 14,993 subscribers
  • Meets or exceeds national average open-rates for similar media outlets (12% to 22%)
  • Opens in all 50 states (High concentrations in South Carolina, the Southeastern region, and California)
  • International opens (Canada, Germany and France avg. the highest)

Event Marketing for Clients

Utilizing a LIVE digital platform and E-newsletter, South Carolina Manufacturing interacts with its formidable network of manufacturing decision-makers from across the state, region and globe to market and fill events at some of the Palmetto State’s most noted OEM’s, giving clientele a personal connection with their target demographic and real opportunity to make a sell.

Client/Partner Testimonials

Ramona Farrell, Director, GreerWalker, LLP, said “through SCMFG’s commitment to connect manufacturers with business service providers, GreerWalker, a CPA and Advisory firm with offices in the Carolinas, has been able to bring the two groups together to share its expertise and experiences working with manufacturers and finding solutions to current challenges."

Brian Kuney, a regional VP at the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership, said “SCMFG’s digital footprint is a major asset to the region’s manufactures."

Chris Urban, Managing Director, Aalberts Material Technology U.S.Division, said, “SCMFG is the single source for pertinent information as related to manufacturing within South Carolina. The articles are relevant, time sensitive, innovative and fact based. Being in the industry for 20 years, I continue to find value and time well spent reading the articles."

Gary Tompkins, CEO, The Kidder Group, Inc. “As the number of manufacturers in South Carolina continues to grow, it’s great to have, SC Manufacturing, a resource that highlights companies and provides a platform for interacting.  One of the benefits is localized suppliers and customers can connect and grow their businesses.  I have seen firsthand how a plant tour opens doors, builds relationships and increases profits. Keep up the good work!”

Stijn Van de Velde, Gemba Systems Inc. "Our mission at Gemba Systems is to empower people through better processes and smarter technologies. Some of those advanced technologies, such as augmented reality smart glasses, take a lot of education. The exposure provided by SCMFG has been invaluable to us in getting more South Carolina manufacturing companies to become aware and interested. The SCMFG team are consistently great to work with, and we intend to continue our partnership for a long time to come."


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